Braided coronal loops: equilibria, relaxation, and heating
Heating in the solar atmosphere
David Pontin
University of Dundee
Gunnar Hornig (University of Dundee), Simon Candelaresi (University of Dundee), Alexander Russell (University of Dundee)
We examine the dynamics of coronal loops containing non-trivial magnetic field line braiding, in the context of Parker’s braiding mechanism for coronal heating. We discuss the existence of braided force-free equilibria, and demonstrate that these equilibria must contain current layers whose thickness becomes increasingly small for increasing field complexity. In practical terms, the implication is that if one considers a line-tied coronal loop that is driven by photospheric motions, then the eventual onset of reconnection and energy release is inevitable. Once the initial reconnection event is triggered a turbulent relaxation ensues. We briefly mention the expected observational signatures of energy release in such a braided coronal loop.


09:00 - 10:30
EX - C3 (150)