Simulating the evolution of the most massive galaxy clusters since redshift 1
Galaxy Clusters Near and Far
Amandine Le Brun
Service d'Astrophysique CEA Saclay
Romain Teyssier, Monique Arnaud, Gabriel Pratt
The evolution of the dark matter profiles of high-mass galaxy clusters from z~1 to the present day remains poorly constrained and is a powerful test of the LambdaCDM model. Such a test requires systematic confrontations of observations of a representative sample of the Universe's most massive clusters, preferably in several redshift bins, with tailor-made numerical simulations. To date, there exist no cosmological numerical simulations with the exceptionally large volume (required to simulate the rarest, most massive clusters) and the resolution (required to resolve their structure) necessary to undertake such a project. We will present the first results from a simulation campaign aimed at producing large cosmological simulations that are 1 Gpc/h on a side and have a medium mass and spatial resolution. They are being complemented with very-high resolution zoom simulations which are progressively including the non-gravitational physics of galaxy formation such as star formation, supernova and AGN feedback. The simulations are produced using the AMR code RAMSES.


13:30 - 15:00
EX - LT3 (320)