SN2015H and a look at explosion models for SNe Iax
Transient and Time Domain Astronomy: Robotic telescopes, surveys and the evolution of transient phenomena
Mark Magee
Queen's University Belfast
The discovery of many peculiar classes of thermonuclear SNe has served to highlight our ignorance of these explosions, particularly relating to the progenitor channel(s) and explosion models. The most notable among these classes are the SNe Iax. This group is clearly distinct from SNe Ia, and show a broad range in their peak brightnesses and velocities, and seem to occur preferentially in younger populations.
Unlike SNe Ia, the exciting possible detections of a remnant and a progenitor have recently been announced. This demonstrates the importance of this class to our understanding of thermonuclear explosions in general. In this talk, I will present recent observations of SNe Iax, and discuss these in the context of explosion models invoking the pure deflagration of CO white dwarfs. I will also highlight pressing questions regarding dependencies of the initial explosion conditions, and how these affect the observed properties.


09:00 - 10:30
EX - LT3 (320)