Smooth, long-term AGN transients: micro-needles in the haystack?
Extragalactic Strong Lensing : From Discovery to Exploitation
Alastair Bruce
University of Edinburgh
Andy Lawrence (Edinburgh)
The identification of a class of AGN transients that are smoothly evolving on year-long timescales raises interesting questions regarding the underlying cause. These ‘hyper-variable’ AGN may simply be at the extreme end of the tail of typical AGN variability or, perhaps more interestingly, there may be an extrinsic cause. Out of a number of plausible scenarios, the focus for this work is on the possibility that some of these AGN transients are actually rare, high-amplitude microlensing events. If so, through analysis of multi-epoch spectroscopy and simple lensing models, we have the potential to uncover valuable information on the inner-most regions of these enigmatic objects.


09:00 - 10:30
EX - LT2 (200)