From Life to Death are Post-Starburst Galaxies the Link
Layth Tajuldeen
University of St-Andrews
Vivienne Wild(University of St-Andrews)
With the great progress in the deep surveys and the vast amounts of data, this data requires a set of tools so it can be analyzed. Post-starburst (PSB) galaxies may shed some light on galaxy evolution. They may be the link that unveils the mechanism that drives star forming galaxies to be quenched to join the red sequence. We use UDS spectroscopic and photometric data for PSB galaxies at redshift of 0.9 to 1.2, to fit with a library of synthetic models. From the fitting we determine physical properties of these PSB galaxies including the declining time of the burst, age of the burst and the fraction of mass that formed in the burst. We also fit PSB galaxies from the SDSS and compare their physical properties with the high redshift galaxies.