Magnetic flux ropes in the Martian ionosphere observed by MAVEN
Catherine Dieval
Lancaster University, UK
J. A. Wild (Lancaster University, UK), G. A. DiBraccio (NASA GSFC, Maryland, USA), J. M. Jakosky (LASP, Colorado, USA)
Cylindrical structures of highly twisted magnetic field (magnetic flux ropes) have been observed in situ on the dayside of Mars by several missions: Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Express and MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN). Signatures of flux ropes are spikes of magnetic field strength and magnetic field rotations. Using a minimum variance analysis of the MAVEN magnetometer data, we identify cases of magnetic flux ropes in the dayside Martian ionosphere. We also present a statistical study of the properties of several tens of magnetic flux ropes found in several months of in situ measurements.