Detecting Waves and Turbulence in Electric and Magnetic Field Data
Owain Walker
Aberystwyth University
Xing Li (Aberystwyth University)
Solar wind plasma is collisionless and supersonic. By taking solar wind measurements near the Earth, the properties of the plasma gives information about events near the Sun, and restrictions may be placed on physical processes near the Sun. Since 2000, the four satellites of the Cluster mission orbiting the Earth have returned measurements of space plasma. Plasma carries a variety of different waves: Electrostatic, magnetosonic and electromagnetic waves. Under certain conditions, these waves and oscillations can grow, become unstable and produce turbulence in the solar wind. My research will use magnetic and electric field measurements from Cluster (and possibly from MMS – the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission) to detect plasma waves and turbulence. Morlet wavelet analysis and phase differencing is used to extract wave information from the data. I will present a comparison between the waves and turbulence detected in electric and magnetic field data using phase differencing.