“Investigating the Educational and Outreach potential of the Lunar Mapping and Modelling Project (LMMP) for Lunar Mission One’s Education and Outreach aims”
Cormac Larkin
Lunar Mission One
David Iron (Lunar Mission One)
The LMMP is a free online tool provided by NASA which is intended for use in outreach and education. It presents the latest geographical and geological lunar data from missions such as NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and other past missions such as Apollo, Lunar Orbiter, Lunar Prospector, Clementine, and Chandrayaan-1. The format is not dissimilar to Google Earth and allows anyone with a PC and internet connection to examine the Moon’s surface in ways not possible up until very recently, with resolutions of up to 0.5m possible.
Lunar Mission One (LM1), a publicly crowdfunded lunar exploratory mission, aims to use the interest generated by the mission to bring cutting edge planetary science into classrooms the world over. We intend to accomplish this by using LMMP in Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE). IBSE has long been hailed as the future of STEM education and the LMMP tool in conjunction with LM1 will give teachers and educators a new and unique way of engaging with and inspiring the next generation of planetary scientists and the general public too.
Here we present our research into the suitability of, and methods with which to implement, the use of the LMMP tool in science workshops and interactive classroom activities. This is aimed at Key Stage 4 and 5 pupils in preparation for trials in the LM1 Pilot Schools Programme due to begin in September 2016, currently consisting of 10 UK schools and 20 more worldwide, and expecting to grow to over 50 before the start date.