Are the brightest star-forming galaxies driven by merger events?
Michal Michalowski
Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh
Galaxies selected at submm wavelengths (submm galaxies) are the most star-forming galaxies in the Universe and are usually referred to as the most violent mergers. I will highlight what we have learned from the largest 850um survey to date, the SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey. Using the sample of ~2000 bright dusty star forming galaxies I will show that they form the high-mass extension of the 'main-sequence', and are not 'starburst' outliers. Therefore most of the brightest galaxies in the Universe are not driven by major mergers, but by a more steady process. I will also show that a significant fraction of all massive galaxies is in fact dust rich and belongs to the category of submm galaxies.