Structure and Dynamics of Magnetic Fields in the Sun, Solar System and Beyond
Onset of 2D reconnection in the solar chromosphere
B Snow
G. J. J. Botha (Northumbria University), J. A. Mclaughlin (Northumbria University), A. Hillier (Cambridge University)
Northumbria University
The temperature and density configuration in the solar chromosphere results in a partially ionised plasma. This introduces a perpendicular component of resistivity (Cowling resistivity) which acts perpendicular to the magnetic field and aids diffusion in the plasma. Taking as initial condition a Harris current sheet in equilibrium, a velocity driver is specified far from the centre of the current sheet which creates a propagating wave that triggers the 2D reconnection event. The start-up and reconnection phases are then analysed to determine the behaviour of reconnection in the solar chromosphere.


16:30 - 18:00
EX - C33 (150)