Structure and Dynamics of Magnetic Fields in the Sun, Solar System and Beyond
The dynamics of the coronal magnetic field
Richard Morton
S Tomczyk (HAO/NCAR, USA), R Pinto (IRAP, France)
Northumbria University
A key aspect of any theory related to solar atmospheric heating or acceleration of the solar wind is the dissipation of magnetic energy, whether this is related to the long-term motions and evolution of the magnetic field or more rapid perturbations of the field in terms of waves. In general, the transfer of magnetic energy can be described in terms of Alfv\'enic waves, whether the motions of the magnetic field are periodic or not. I will present results from a study in which the Coronal Multi-Channel Polarimeter is used to study velocity fluctuations associated with the evolution of the coronal magnetic field, focussing on 'typical' regions of the solar atmosphere, i.e., active, quiescent and open field regions. The velocity fluctuations typically outline the coronal magnetic field, suggesting they are Alfv\'enic in nature. We find evidence for stochastic driving of the coronal velocity field and also indications that then p-modes play an important role in injecting oscillatory Alfv\'enic wave energy into the corona.


16:30 - 18:00
EX - C33 (150)