Education & Outreach
Creativity and Curiosity: Conversations Between Artists and Astronomers
Prof Martin Barstow
Gilian McFarland, Ione Parkin, Alison Lochhead
University of Leicester
We describe a project, supported through a Royal Astronomical Society small grant, that is engaging three experienced artists, Ione Parkin RWA (www.ioneparkin.co.uk), Gillian McFarland (www.gillianadair.co.uk) and Alison Lochhead (www.alisonlochhead.co.uk) with astronomers from the University of Leicester and further afield in a creative dialogue based on current thinking and research about the Universe. The intention of the project is to widen the audience for both the arts and the sciences. The participating artists already include astronomy references and science-related themes in their work, and are developing their understanding of the underlying science through interaction with astronomers and planetary geologists. By developing a creative interaction between the artists and astronomers, we have started to generate a new body of contemporary art that is inspired by the underlying physical processes in astronomical objects. We describe the project in more detail and show some early examples of the art produced.


09:00 - 10:30
EX - C33 (150)