Galaxy Clusters Near and Far
Massive molecular gas flows and AGN feedback in galaxy clusters
H Russell
B McNamara, A Fabian, P Nulsen, A Edge
Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge
Powerful radio jets launched by a central supermassive black hole pump a substantial amount of energy into their host galaxies and cluster environment. This feedback from the central AGN is thought to regulate galaxy growth and cooling of the surrounding hot atmosphere. But many key questions remain, including how the black hole is fuelled, how the heating can be distributed over large scales yet closely coupled to the gas cooling rate and the role of the cold molecular gas apparently cooling from cluster atmospheres. I will present ALMA observations of molecular gas in central cluster galaxies which show massive outflows driven out by the radio jets and inflows that could be feeding gas disks around the central AGN.


16:30 - 18:00
EX - LT3 (320)