Serendipitous and Survey Science from XMM-Newton
The XMM Cluster Survey: Catalogue status and review of recent results
Philip Rooney
Romer (Sussex), XCS et al.
University of Sussex
The overriding goals of the XMM Cluster Survey (XCS) are to deliver the ultimate catalogue of XMM-Newton X-ray cluster detections and to then use those clusters for a wide variety of cosmological and astrophysical studies. To date, XCS has resulted in more than 25 publications. In this talk I will review those that have been published in the last twelve months. These include ``The XMM Cluster Survey: The Halo Occupation Number of BOSS galaxies in X-ray clusters'' (arXiv:1512.03432); ``The XMM Cluster Survey: evolution of the velocity dispersion-temperature relation over half a Hubble time'' (arXiv:1512.02800), ``Galaxies in X-ray Selected Clusters and Groups in Dark Energy Survey Data: Stellar Mass Growth of Bright Central Galaxies Since z~1.2' (ApJ, 2016, 816, 98), and ``The XMM Cluster Survey: Testing chameleon gravity using the profiles of clusters'' (MNRAS, 2015, 452, 1171).


13:30 - 15:00
EX - LT1 (100)