Solar and Experimental Plasma Physics Synergy
Multifluid description of driven magnetosonic waves in the solar chromosphere
Yana Maneva
Alejandro Alvarez Laguna, Andrea Lani and Stefaan Poedts
KU Leuven
The majority of the solar chromosphere is dominated by neutrals, therefore investigating the effects of partial ionization and the ion-neutral interactions there is of crucial importance for a proper treatment of the plasma heating and the properties of acoustic and magnetosonic wave propagation. In this study we present the results from 2D multi-fluid simulations with MHD electrons and protons and a separate fluid desribing the neutral population. We investigate the propagation of acoustic/magnetosonic waves driven with a photospheric velocity driver at the footpoints of the magnetic field in a chemically reactive gravitationally stratified partially ionized plasma. We study the waves generated by vertical and horizontal velocity drivers and follow their properties and interaction with the plasma as they propagate outward towards the fully ionized transition region. We observe formation of shocks and related plasma heating in the gravitationally stratified medium and study the energy balance, the ionization changes and the deviation from the initial chemical equilibrium induced by the photospheric driver.


09:00 - 10:30
EX - C33 (150)