Serendipitous and Survey Science from XMM-Newton
What we are learning about clusters from XXL
Paul Giles
Ben Maughan (University of Bristol), Florian Pacuad (University of Bonn), Maggie Lieu (University of Birmingham), Marguerite Pierre (CEA Saclay)
University of Bristol
The XXL survey is the largest homogeneous survey undertaken by XMM-Newton.  Covering an area of 50 deg^2, the survey contains several hundreds of galaxy clusters out to a redshift of ~2.  We will present recent scientific results from the XXL survey, focusing on the brightest 100 clusters.  We will discuss the form of the derived scaling relations, and show how they evolve with redshift (focusing on the LT relation). We will present the number density and luminosity function for this cluster sample, comparing to previously published results.


13:30 - 15:00
EX - LT1 (100)