Extragalactic Strong Lensing : From Discovery to Exploitation
The Population of galaxy-galaxy strong lenses in current and upcoming optical surveys
Thomas Collett
ICG, Portsmouth
Ongoing and future imaging surveys represent significant improvements in depth, area, and seeing compared to current data sets. These improvements offer the opportunity to discover up to three orders of magnitude more galaxy-galaxy strong lenses than are currently known. In this talk I will make forecasts for the number of lenses discoverable in DES, LSST and Euclid and the properties of these lens populations. discuss how the discoverable population is a function of the lens finding approach.

I'll also talk about the population of compound lenses discoverable in the Universe and present an investigation into the image multiplicities and arc morphologies possible in these systems. Discovering these systems will be hard, but will open up new avenues to investigate cosmological parameters, mass distributions in lenses and high redshift sources.


13:30 - 15:00
EX - LT2 (200)