Exploring the high-redshift Universe
The dust attenuation law of star-forming galaxies at z>1.5
Monica Tress
Ignacio Ferreras (UCL), Esther Mármol-Queraltó (ROE), Pablo Pérez-González (UCM) & the SHARDS team.
University College London (UCL)
The dust attenuation law is an important ingredient in the analysis of star-forming galaxies. A well-constrained law allows us to derive robust star formation rates from photometric indicators. Moreover, the attenuation law reflects the physical properties of the dust particles in the interstellar medium, providing clues about feedback mechanisms in galaxies. We make use of SHARDS, an ultra-deep ((\less than)26.5AB) galaxy survey that provides optical photo-spectra at resolution R~50, via medium band filters (FWHM~15nm). Such dataset allows us to explore and analyse in detail the dust attenuation law in the rest-frame NUV region of star-forming galaxies with redshift z(\greater than)1.5. We focus on the NUV bump strength and the total-to-selective extinction (Rv), targeting a sample of 291 galaxies over the redshift range [1.5,3.5].
16:30 - 18:00
EX - LT2 (200)