How do galaxies die? The causes of quenching in galaxy evolution
A Bayesian’s perspective of quenching via bulge evolution
Josh Argyle
J. Mendez-Abreu & V. Wild
University of St Andrews
Bulges play a pivotal role in how a galaxy might evolve. However, the exact mechanisms involved in shaping their hosts and even their demographic evolution with cosmic time still remain an unanswered piece in the galaxy formation puzzle.
In this talk I will present an innovative study into the stellar-morphological evolution of spheroidal and spheroidal-disc galaxies over the redshift range 0hift due to limiting signal-to-noise and resolution.
I will discuss results of the evolution of the bulge components in relation to the quenching of their hosts, paying particular attention to the link between the bulge properties (n, B/T) and the galaxies global properties such as star formation rates, stellar masses and morphologies.
13:30 - 15:00
EX - LT1 (100)