The Dark Energy Surveys: new results
DES/SPT - Cross-correlation results and future potential
Donnacha Kirk
University College London
I will describe recent results from the cross-correlation of Dark Energy Survey (DES) Science Verification (SV) data with CMB data from the South Pole Telescope. The combination of data from these two state-of-the-art experiments has the potential to open new windows on cosmology, provide measurements of improved precision compared to either experiment alone, and control important astrophysical and observational systematic effects. Initial work has already combined DES large-scale structure and weak lensing measuremenets with gravitational lensing measurements from SPT, made several improvements in cluster finding and calibration and initiated innovative new studies of the SZ effect. I will focus on work I lead cross-correlating DES weak lensing from SPT weak lensing, yielding a detection of this cross-correlation with two data sets never before used for this measurement. My talk will also detail plans for extending cooperation between both collaborations as we move towards the full DES survey and data from the upgraded SPT3G telescope
09:00 - 10:30
EX - LT1 (100)