Education & Outreach
Gaia's Guide to the Galaxy
Anna Hourihane and Sophie Bartlett
Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge and The Faulkes Telescope Project, Cardiff University
Gaia is an ESA cornerstone mission to map the Milky Way. By repeatedly scanning the sky, Gaia will provide precision distances and motions for a billion objects. Gaia is also detecting transients - objects that have changed in brightness since Gaia last observed them. These Gaia Science Alerts are Gaia's most immediate science yield and represent a key opportunity for outreach. We need prompt ground-based follow-up: schools can contribute to exciting science by observing with robotic telescopes.

We will present an overview of the Gaia Science Alerts and discuss the education and outreach activities developed as part of a collaboration between the Gaia Science Alerts team and the Faulkes Telescope Project. We will present recent developments, including our new Alerts webpages and a set of curriculum-linked educational resources which explore the science behind the Alerts and provide step-by-step instructions for schools on how to get involved in follow-up observations with robotic telescope networks.

We will present real examples and success stories of how this works in schools, with results from early trials of our Gaia Alerts follow-up programme.
09:00 - 10:30
EX - C33 (150)