The Building Blocks of Galactic Chemical Evolution
Bridging the Gap: From Galactic Chemodynamics to Cosmological Simulations
C. Gareth Few
E.A. Milne Centre for Astrophysics
Understanding the connection between the evolution of elemental properties on galactic scales and nucleosynthesis in stellar interiors is an immense challenge. This is in part because of the large number of disparate physical processes involved and also because it is one of the most multi-scale problems in science; ranging from the sub-atomic to the cosmological. It is important however to gain a holistic view of these processes as it provides us with great insight into how we can use the elemental composition of stars to disentangle the formation processes that shape our universe.

Numerical simulations are a powerful tool for understanding the chemical evolution of galaxies in the context of the extremely complex dynamical processes involved in galaxy formation and evolution. Simulations that combine dynamics and chemical evolution can be used to probe these interconnected phenomena on a range of spatial scales from intra-galactic structures to cosmological galaxy assembly.

I will discuss the modelling of dual stellar populations in globular clusters and the effects of satellite accretion on the age-radius-metallicity relation to explain how numerical modelling can help us understand galactic archaeology.
09:00 - 10:30
EX - LT1 (100)