Solar flares: recent advances on observations and modelling
Searching for signatures of magnetic re-structuring in sunquakes
Sarah Matthews
Flare related acoustic emission (sunquakes) has now been observed in association with flares as small as C-class, suggesting it is more common than previously thought. However, the driver of the wave remains an open question, with the characteristics of recently observed events unable to distinguish between the likely mechanisms. Recent simulations by Russell et al. (2016) explore the potential role of the re-configuration of the coronal magnetic field as a driver for sunquakes, predicting changes in magnetic tilt and horizontal magnetic field strength at the location of the acoustic source, which should be accompanied by signatures of Alfven wave heating and enhanced photospheric currents. In this work we re-visit a subset of previously observed sunquake events, specifically to try to identify whether they exhibit signatures that are consistent with the predictions for magnetic re-structuring.
13:30 - 15:00
EX - C33 (150)