Education & Outreach
Engaging with the community: Outreach at UCLO
Sarah Hutton
Dr Giorgio Savini (UCL), Dr Francisco Diego (UCL)
Astronomy is one of the best hooks to engage students in science and engineering, but recent studies investigating what inspires students to pursue a career in science has show that engaging the students alone is not enough, we must also engage their families and community. Over the past year we have been developing the outreach and public engagement provision at UCLO to work more with the needs of schools and the local community with the aim of not only inspiring the students to pursue a career in science, but to also educate their parents as to what that would entail. Hidden away in Mill Hill, North London many people are not aware that we exist. We have been working with the surrounding schools and STEMnet to increase our profile and expand the range of activities that we offer. In this talk I will explain how we have adapted and expanded our programme offered to schools and the general public at our 5 telescope facility to fit in with curriculum changes, the needs of schools and how we are helping to educate the community to realise that science is a worthwhile career.
09:00 - 10:30
EX - C33 (150)