Particle acceleration and transport from the Sun to the outer heliosphere
Particle dynamics due to separator reconnection
Clare Parnell
James Threlfall (University of St Andrews), Julie Stevenson (University of St Andrews)
University of St Andrews
Magnetic separators are important locations for magnetic reconnection in three dimensions; whether or not this reconnection may be responsible for particle acceleration remains an open question. The results of test particle orbit calculations in the vicinity of reconnecting magnetic separators will be presented. These results will compare the particle dynamics determined from an analytical separator reconnection model with those from recent high-resolution MHD simulations of separator reconnection. Analysis of the particle orbit trajectories from both models will be presented as will a simple relationship between the final energy range of the particle orbits and the model dimensions. Finally, the implications of these results for magnetic separators observed in the solar corona will be discussed.
09:00 - 10:30
EX - C3 (150)