Galaxy evolution at high redshift: the legacy of deep near-infrared surveys
The KMOS cluster program: absorption line spectroscopy of cluster galaxies at z~1.5
Ryan Houghton
R Davies, R Bender, A Beifiori, J Chan, M Cappellari, A Galametz, I Lewis, T Mendel, L Prichard, R Saglia, R Sharples, R Smith, J Stott, D Wilman, M Wegner
University of Oxford
The GTO KMOS cluster program (PIs Davies/Bender) is investigating the absorption line spectra of individual cluster galaxies during the peak epoch of star formation at 1 LT z LT 2. The NIR capabilities of KMOS allow us to observe the well understood rest-frame V-band indices, providing a reliable measure of the age and composition of the stellar populations. The kinematics coupled with HST photometry allow us to construct the fundamental plane, to study evolution in size and mass-to-light when the Universe was less than 5 Gyr old. The program has already obtained spectra of >80 galaxies across four clusters (1.39 LT z LT 1.8) with on-source exposure times of 10-20 hrs per galaxy. We present results on the fundamental plane and stellar populations and an overview of the project.
13:30 - 15:00
EX - LT2 (200)