Galaxy structure in the low-redshift universe
Exploring the Lambda-Ellipticity Diagram for All Galaxy Morphologies with the MaNGA Survey
Mark Graham
Michele Cappellari (University of Oxford), MaNGA Collaboration
University of Oxford
We present results obtained from integral-field spectroscopy from the first year of observations from MaNGA, a large-scale, low-redshift survey (z~0.1) of galaxies. We produce the diagram for a complete sample of almost a thousand galaxies, of all morphological types, for which good kinematic and photometric data exist. The diagram relates the galaxies specific angular momentum to their observed shape. This is the largest homogeneous sample of its kind and the results provide a coherent picture of galaxy properties across a wide mass range (~10^9Msun - 10^12Msun). We also study the kinematical misalignment and mass-size diagram for the total sample. These results provide an illustration of the power of the ongoing MaNGA survey and a benchmark for future work which will distinguish these properties between cluster/merger environments and field galaxies.
09:00 - 10:30
BS - Lecture Theatre A25 (121)