Transient and Time Domain Astronomy: Robotic telescopes, surveys and the evolution of transient phenomena
Supernova Spectroscopy and Cosmology from the Dark Energy Survey
Chris D'Andrea
Mathew Smith, Mark Sullivan (University of Southampton), Bob Nichol (University of Portsmouth), and the Dark Energy Survey Collaboration
University of Southampton
The Dark Energy Survey Supernova Program (DES-SN) is a five year, 27 square
degree cadenced search for type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) using the Dark Energy
Camera on the 4m Blanco Telescope. DES-SN will accurately measure and
photometrically-classify more than 3000 SNe Ia in griz over a redshift range of
0.1 LT z LT 1.2, deriving from this sample the most precise constraints for
cosmological parameters of any supernova survey prior to LSST. I will present
the results of the spectroscopic followup program from the first three years of
DES-SN, including classifications, spectroscopic efficiencies, biases, and
example spectra and light curves illustrating the data quality of the program. I
will show how these objects compare with the photometric sample, and present
the first spectroscopic Hubble Diagram from DES-SN, consisting of >200 SN Ia
out to redshift z=0.85.
09:00 - 10:30
EX - LT3 (320)