Archaeoastronomy and Cultural Astronomy - the Astronomy of Skyscapes
This session will contain a workshop that will allow astronomers new to archaeo astronomy and cultural astronomy to become more familiar with methods and approaches. Talks should recognise several points including:

- Up-to-date presentation of subject area in the context of the new Astronomy GCSE that specifically includes aspects of observations of solar and lunar cycles by ancient civilisations.
- More realistic experiential environment to illustrate the whole Skyscape phenomenon (including stars) core to the subject area.

The proposed session will highlight the part astronomy plays in creating skyscapes within the disciplines of archaeoastronomy and cultural astronomy and show how astronomers with their toolkit can identify sky related protagonists within a skyscape narrative. This venue would also allow for a contemporary engagement with the way we perceive skyscapes, especially since we intend to deliver presentations within a planetarium. At this point attendees (also involved in outreach) can become aware of the links to not only light pollution but also anthropology, architecture, aspects of global citizenship and beyond.
Daniel Brown
E9, E10. Thursday 1:30pm & 4:30pm