Science with the new extragalactic radio surveys
This session will explore new results from the latest generation of deep radio radio sky surveys and their synergies with complementary studies across the electromagnetic spectrum. It will also look forward to future prospects with the SKA and its precursors.

The session theme will cover a broad range of topics including (but not limited to):
AGN activity and the black hole accretion history
the highest redshift radio galaxies
the cosmic star-formation history
the formation and evolution of galaxy clusters.

Radio continuum and HI surveys are a powerful tool for probing the evolution of large numbers of galaxies at all epochs of cosmic history. The current generation of advanced radio interferometers (e.g. eMERLIN, LOFAR, JVLA) are carrying out deep extragalactic radio surveys, providing new insights into the astrophysics of AGN and galaxy formation. With the imminent arrival of the next generation of radio interferometers (MeerKAT, ASKAP, SKA), this parallel session will provide a vital and timely opportunity for the UK extragalactic and radio astronomy communities to share exciting new results and developments in the field.

By bringing together experts on this topic, we aim to foster the continued valuable discussions and sharing of expertise between radio astronomers working across the wide range of facilities and between the radio and optical/infra-red/X-ray astronomy communities.
Ken Duncan, Wendy Williams, Philip Best, Matt Jarvis
A11, A12. Friday 9am & 1:30pm