Particle acceleration and transport from the Sun to the outer heliosphere
Many transient phenomena in the solar atmosphere and heliosphere (e.g. solar flares and CMEs) lead to the acceleration of energetic particles. The signatures of such particles can be detected as electromagnetic radiation across virtually the entire spectrum, from radio to gamma-rays, and escaping energetic particles can be observed directly with in-situ instruments in the interplanetary space. Recent observational advances over the last decade (notably by spaced-based instruments including RHESSI, Fermi, Hinode, Stereo and SDO together with other ground-based instruments) have enriched our understanding of energetic particle generation and propagation. This session is designed to bring together observers and theoreticians studying acceleration, transport and emission from energetic particles in order to discuss the progress and challenges in understanding the underlying physics of particle acceleration and transport at the Sun and in the heliosphere.
James Threlfall, Eduard Kontar, Timo Laitinen, Natasha Jeffrey
D1, D2. Monday 9am & 1:30pm