The importance and consequences of galaxy mergers
Galaxy mergers have been invoked as an important driver in the evolution of galaxies, however their role in numerous processes such as stellar mass build-up, size evolution, cessation and renewal of star formation, and SMBH growth, is still debated. This session aims to unite observational and theoretical results, predictions and methods regarding galaxy mergers in order to discuss their importance and consequences under the general umbrella of galaxy evolution. We invite contributions to aid this wide-ranging discussion.

Our main session will take place at 09:00 to 10:30 on Tuesday 28th June in Room LT2 of the Exchange Building.

As we were more than 3x oversubscribed, we have been awarded an extra session on Tuesday afternoon, under the general umbrella of 'Galaxy Structure'. As such, there will be an exciting mix of talks regarding Galaxy Structure and Galaxy Mergers on the Tuesday at 16:30 to 18:00 in Room C3 of the Exchange Building. Please do join us to hear about the connections between galaxy structure and the role of mergers.
Carl Mundy, Kshitija Kelkar
B4. Tuesday 9am