Current and future optical surveys for cosmology
From 2020 the UK will be in a privileged position to exploit the combined data sets from many of the world’s leading optical galaxy surveys for cosmology: DESI, Euclid and the LSST. Now only four years before these experiments begin, the UK is entering an intense phase of preparation, and it is of critical importance that this preparation is done in a collaborative spirit between the experiments and with the wider UK astronomy community, making a NAM session ideal.

In this session we will discuss how the whole community can find common themes and opportunities to share knowledge, experiences and resources, creating greater collaboration across the UK astronomy community such that the resulting science and outputs will be more than the sum of its parts.

The session will be split into four parts: in the first part we will review recent results from on-going surveys, and we will then focus on the future observational campaigns in which the UK is most involved: DESI, Euclid, and the LSST. A dedicated section will be devoted to each of these three planned missions.
We will explore the combination of the data and the shared resources in preparation for the data analysis.
Tom Kitching, Tommaso Giannantonio, Sarah Bridle, Bob Mann, Andy Taylor
A1, A2, A3, A7. Monday 9am, 1:30pm & 4:30pm, Wednesday 9am