Plenary Talks

7) Thursday 3:30pm
Our 21st Century Sun: Coronal Heating Revisited
Along with many other stars, the Sun's outer atmosphere has an extremely high temperature, rising from a surface temperature of 4000-6000 K, through the chromosphere and transition region to several million degrees in the corona. Although it is well established that the Sun's magnetic field is responsible for the supply of energy to the atmosphere, exactly how this magnetic energy is converted into thermal energy is still not understood in detail, as models struggle to simultaneously encompass the very disparate temporal and spatial scales on which the heating has to occur, in different structures, with a wide variety of characteristics (e.g. open versus closed structures, short quiet-sun loops versus hot active-region loops and large-scale interconnecting loops). This talk will describe the recent progress made towards understanding the “coronal heating problem” using the combination of today’s computational power and high-resolution observations.
Ineke de Moortel
BS - Lecture Theatre B52 (500)