Dynamical behavior of thin chromospheric magnetic flux tube structures
MHD Wave Coupling From Photosphere To Corona
Rahul Sharma
Gary Verth (University of Sheffield), Robertus Erdelyi (University of Sheffield)
University of Sheffield
Energy transfer through thin magnetic flux tube structures in solar chromosphere requires understanding of their dynamics and associated wave modes. Due to observational challenges, the accurate interpretation of dynamical behavior of these structures remains a challenge. In the research presented, we will discuss evolution of coupled transverse and torsional motions in space and time. Further, we describe an innovative technique, which for the first time, reconstructs 3D velocity fields for spicules which allows an insight into fine-scale time/space evolution of these structures. This will allow us to make a great step forward in understanding their dynamics and ultimate contribution to energy flux transfer between the lower and upper atmosphere.


13:30 - 15:00
EX - C3 (150)