Witnessing galaxy transformation with the Ultra-Deep Survey
Galaxy evolution at high redshift: the legacy of deep near-infrared surveys
Omar Almaini
Will Hartley, David Maltby, Vivienne Wild, Chris Simpson, + the UDS team
University of Nottingham
I will present an overview of the UKIDSS Ultra-Deep Survey, the deepest near-infrared survey to date over such a large area (0.8 sq degrees). The aim of the project is to observe the process of galaxy formation and evolution, which is achieved by sampling large volumes of the distant Universe to unprecedented depth. The final data release is anticipated during this meeting, and will be released immediately to the world community. I will review some of the scientific highlights from the UDS, from studies of large-scale structure to measurements of the evolving galaxy mass function. I will also present the recent discovery of large samples of massive post-starburst galaxies (PSBs) at high redshift (z>1). Representing systems that have recently been rapidly quenched, this rare population may provide the key to understanding the quenching and morphological transformation of massive galaxies in the distant Universe.


16:30 - 18:00
EX - LT2 (200)