The XMM Cluster Survey: Catalogue status and review of recent results
Serendipitous and Survey Science from XMM-Newton
Philip Rooney
Romer (Sussex), XCS et al.
University of Sussex
The overriding goals of the XMM Cluster Survey (XCS) are to deliver the ultimate catalogue of XMM-Newton X-ray cluster detections and to then use those clusters for a wide variety of cosmological and astrophysical studies. To date, XCS has resulted in more than 25 publications. In this talk I will review those that have been published in the last twelve months. These include ``The XMM Cluster Survey: The Halo Occupation Number of BOSS galaxies in X-ray clusters'' (arXiv:1512.03432); ``The XMM Cluster Survey: evolution of the velocity dispersion-temperature relation over half a Hubble time'' (arXiv:1512.02800), ``Galaxies in X-ray Selected Clusters and Groups in Dark Energy Survey Data: Stellar Mass Growth of Bright Central Galaxies Since z~1.2' (ApJ, 2016, 816, 98), and ``The XMM Cluster Survey: Testing chameleon gravity using the profiles of clusters'' (MNRAS, 2015, 452, 1171).


13:30 - 15:00
EX - LT1 (100)