The e-MERLIN/VLBI National Facility is the UK's facility for high resolution radio astronomy observations. It is operated by The University of Manchester on behalf of the Science and Technology Facilities Councile-MERLIN is an SKA pathfinder instrument comprising of an array of seven radio telescopes, spanning 217km, connected by an optical fibre network to Jodrell Bank Observatory.  e-MERLIN provides sub-arcsecond radio imaging and spectroscopic capabilities with microJy sensitivities.

e-MERLIN will address a broad range of scientific questions but its unique combination of angular resolution and sensitivity will be crucial for understanding:
  • the history of star-formation and black hole growth as galaxies evolve
  • the physical processes which govern the formation of stars
  • the modes of activity in nearby galaxies
  • the energetic processes in relativistic outflows from jets generated by black holes and compact objects